1. Follow Me

From the recording Songs in Production

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Follow Me

You could see, I was going nowhere fast
You could tell, That I wouldn't last
Then I knew, That I needed change
That’s when He said, “It could be arranged”

Jesus said: “Come and Follow Me”
Jesus said: “I’ll make you the fisher of men”
Jesus said: “Come and Follow Me”
When you come forth in repentance, I can set you free

You could see the tears were running down
'Cause my heart was overwhelmed
That my Saviour could still love me
And I said: "Forgive Me"


And it won’t be easy, to carry the cross
But He’ll never leave me, no matter the cost
If I will just follow, He’ll show me the way
I can hear His voice still calling me. Won’t you follow today?

If you see, you’re going nowhere fast
If you can tell, that you just won’t last
If you know, that you're needing to change
Well I found, it can be arranged

©Vincent Panigazzi All Rights Reserved MMXIX