1. New Day

From the recording Songs in Production

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Lord, it's a new day

I'm starting again with You
Lord, it's a new day

I'm starting again!

Verse 1:
It's so good to be alive!

To get to see another sunrise
Waves of Glory wash over me
As I watch and I wait in anticipation.


Verse 2:
As I think of all You've done

I can't help but praise You

And I know we've just begun

Every day, every way
You're just too good!

Pre Chorus:
I get to start again....

Again with Your Mercy

Again with Your Power

Again with Your Blood covering me (repeat)


Verse 3:
As I begin to lift my voice

As You begin to inhabit my praises

My soul starts to rejoice

I'm overjoyed, overwhelmed, and I'm overtaken....
Take me, Take me higher!


Forgetting what's behind

And straining toward what's ahead
As I press on toward the prize
For the High Calling of Christ

Chorus out

©Vincent Panigazzi All Rights Reserved MMXIX