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You are strong in my weakness
You were right when I was wrong
You are Mercy in my judgement
You're the Savior in my song

You're the every lasting Father
The Beginning and the End
For my sins You were slaughtered
And yet You call me friend

In You, I can carry on
In You, my weakness is made strong
And You, gave the breath of life to me
So fill me with Your Spirit once again
Never leave me to myself

Verse 2
You are the light in my darkness
So come and lead the way
As I'm lost in sweet surrender
At the thought of Your Grace

As I lift my eyes to Heaven
It's all too much for me
To comprehend Your Mercy
Help me trust and believe

Though I've fallen seven times
You cause me to stand
It's Your Love that carries me Because my life is in Your Hands

I am safe in Your hands